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Expert business electricity brokers, finding you the best energy rates, every year!

Who we are . .

Energy Partners provide an independent energy brokering and energy management service, dedicated to assisting businesses and organisations in reducing costs through strategic energy procurement and the proactive management of their energy supply arrangements.

Given the intricate and highly specialised dynamics of the energy market, it is impractical for most businesses to allocate internal resources to energy procurement and management. Energy Partners serves as your outsourced energy broker and manager, empowering you to take command of your energy consumption and expenses.

We work with some of Irelands most well-known organisations of all sizes to help them save money when comparing business electricity rates, whether that be bespoke built tariffs or securing fixed suppliers rates.

Energy procurement extends beyond mere comparison shopping for the lowest rates among providers. Achieving optimal energy savings involves adopting a comprehensive energy strategy that ensures your business operates efficiently both now and in the long term.

Reasons why Irish Businesses work with Energy Partners

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The Very Best Supplier Rates.​

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Free Bill Analysis And Switching.​

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Fully Managed Switch.​

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Tap Into Green Energy​

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Never Pay Inflated Rates Again​

Leveraging our expertise in energy procurement, we possess a deep understanding of the intricacies of your power billing. Utilising this knowledge, your dedicated energy broker conducts a thorough assessment of your overall energy consumption and billing details. The aim is to identify innovative approaches that can effectively reduce your costs associated with commercial electricity and gas.

Ensuring a dependable and cost-effective electricity supply is crucial for your business, whether it’s for lighting up the workplace or powering essential equipment. To make certain that you’re with a provider offering reliable service at competitive rates, consider switching your business electricity.

Why you should switch business electricity with Energy Partners?

Transitioning to an enhanced business energy deal presents unique challenges as commercial energy agreements differ significantly from their domestic counterparts. Factors such as rates and contract lengths vary, there’s no dual fuel option, and a cooling-off period isn’t typically granted with business energy contracts.

However, the upside lies in the ability to secure fixed rates for an extended duration, with deals customised to precisely meet your business requirements. It’s all about discerning what aligns best with your business dynamics.

Given these intricacies, seeking expert guidance before committing to your next energy contract is crucial. Our business electricity price comparison service is geared towards helping you navigate these complexities. We’ve curated a comprehensive guide to empower you with the knowledge needed for informed decision-making, ensuring you secure the most advantageous tariff for your business. We will not only save you money but more importantly we will save you time.

Frequently Asked Electricity Questions

Commercial energy rates aren’t typically published online, and some suppliers may only disclose partial costs. We provide transparency and a customer-centric approach, ensuring you understand the complete picture of your energy expenses.

Energy Partners offers transparent and customer-focused energy procurement services. We navigate complex markets, provide tailored solutions, and prioritise your unique needs, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective energy strategy.

Our profit comes from the fees paid by energy suppliers for the services we provide in connecting them with clients and managing the procurement process on their behalf.

No, our service is free for clients. We are compensated by energy suppliers through an administration fee per site for facilitating the procurement process.

The energy market in Ireland operates through a competitive structure where multiple suppliers offer their services. A broker facilitates the procurement process by helping clients navigate supplier options, negotiate contracts, and secure the best energy deals tailored to their needs.

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